A full suite of communications services

SAM Communications is a small, efficient communications consultancy. I leverage a network of experts to deliver strategic and tactical communications solutions that:
Facilitate dialogue
Empower people to communicate with each other and deliver responsive communications programs
Align message systems
Anchor content development and design within the total communication and marketing ecosystem
Tell stories
Produce content that is rooted in brand and help to transform companies into media enterprises
Engage humans
Ensure an authentic voice and approach that builds trust and respects audiences
Digital communications
  • Digital communications strategy
  • Website strategy and design
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Web analytics
  • Digital process and governance
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Influencer relations
Content strategy & development
  • Narrative, tonality, key message development
  • Speeches, presentations, articles
  • Web and social content development
  • Newsletter and video scripting
  • Briefing binders, reports, marketing copy, news releases
  • Financial and investor communications
  • Editorial Board governance and management
Employee communications
  • Employee communications strategy
  • Employment brand delivery
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Collaboration strategy
  • Platform design, development and implementation
  • Collaboration program support
  • Digital workplace transformation
Culture management
  • Culture audit, due diligence, gap analysis
  • Business case and roadmapping
  • Audience engagement and influencing
  • Values development
  • Digital workplace foundation building
  • Employment policy and program review
M & A communications
  • Communications audit and due diligence
  • Transaction announcements, news releases, media monitoring, briefing binders
  • News conferences, analyst calls, media monitoring
  • Employee integration and onboarding
  • Leader communications toolkits
Brand & reputation
  • Audience insights and engagement
  • Brand story and message development
  • Issues management protocols
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Brand audits
  • Brand visual identity monitoring and alignment
Please reach out to discuss a challenge, a project, a need. Or if you just want to bounce around an idea. Or to learn more about SAM Communications.