Developing an omnichannel content strategy
the situation
With the goal of increasing brand awareness, fortifying stakeholder trust, and increasing its profile globally, this investment firm decided to take a bold approach to content production. It believed that by showcasing its intellectual capabilities while educating stakeholders on its unique value proposition, it could significantly grow its business. In effect, it believed that by transforming itself into a content production company, it could establish itself domestically and globally as a reliable, trustworthy, world-class organization.
the opportunity
If it was able to consistently develop high-value, engaging content on themes that were rooted in its brand identity, the organization would be able to generate greater visibility in key markets while also building trust among its primary stakeholders. The ultimate goal was to build reputational capital that could be leveraged during times of uncertainty and challenge - and to ensure that it was top-of mind among other companies and governments when they were seeking partners for major developments.
The Result
We first segmented our stakeholders to better understand who they were, what they cared about, where they spent their time, and how and when they interacted with us. We then identified principle content themes, knowledge areas in which the organization could legitimately claim a right to expertise. After supporting this research I helped develop and then test a brand and values-based narrative. I established guidelines for overall tone of voice and then adapted this to channels and audience segments. I created an editorial board to surface content from across the organization. I designed and built an online thought leadership platform. And I managed an editorial calendar for each channel: web, social, email, and traditional media. A robust SEO strategy and a digital marketing program helped get that content to the right people - and drive them back to take action.‚Äč

The thought leadership platform became a destination platform and spawned conferences, roundtables, global media attention, and sponsorships by major financial organizations. We produced three to five articles a week, accompanied by regular social media posts. We developed a robust video and graphic production capability. Within a year we had significantly increased brand awareness and dramatically grew traffic to our online properties - and were repeatedly cited by other knowledge experts in discussing the themes around which our content development efforts revolved.

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