Developing an enterprise digital communications program
the situation
Despite years of taking a passive approach to managing its brand, this investment and asset management firm had achieved significant. But with rapid growth, heightened competition, and increased scrutiny, it realized that realized it had no choice but to seize hold of its story. If it didn't take action, its story would be written for it. And with its reputation being its most important asset, failure to act could lead to a future that looked very different from the past.
the opportunity
A brand audit identified the critical touchpoints that most defined the experience and perceptions of stakeholders. Central to this experience was the organization's digital presence which, at the time, consisted of an outdated website that suggested a tired, labouring organization that was stuck in the past and appeared to take its business for granted.

I drafted a five-year digital vision and strategy outlining the creation of a digital ecosystem, driven by long-term business goals and anchored in a new brand narrative, a detailed customer journey, and a clearly defined stakeholder experience.

All elements of the strategy were implemented on time and under budget: a sophisticated website, a best-in-class Intranet, a thought leadership platform, an internal collaboration platform, numerous social media channels, an approach to digital marketing, and a robust digital listening program. Unaided brand awareness increased by 20 per cent. Web traffic increased by 150 per cent. LinkedIn followers grew by 235 per cent and Twitter followers grew by 2,500 per cent.‚Äč

In follow-up interviews and surveys with the participants of the original audit, stakeholders reported a dramatic shift in their perceptions of the organization - seeing it now as a sophisticated, global player, one that was easy to do business with, that had an understated but confident approach, and that distinguished itself in the industry for its respectful and progressive way of operating. Its digital footprint, viewed as the central window into the organization, was seen to personify the brand characteristics and experience that had been intended.

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