Case studies

A selection of past work

Developing an enterprise digital communications program
With rapid growth, heightened competition, and increased scrutiny, this organization realized that it had no choice but to seize of the story it told and participate in the one being written by others.
Transforming a communications operating model
Becoming digital-first in its approach to communications meant that this financial services organization had to re-think what communications was about: its goals, its limitations, and its processes.Educating on and embedding a digital-first mindset and related processes and guidelines across all areas of public affairs and communications.
Developing an omnichannel content strategy
This organization recognized that it could increase its visibility and build trust and engagement by developing high-value, engaging content on themes rooted in its brand identity - and then to integrate that content across channels.
Launching a first social media program
As a business based on trust, this organization seized the opportunity to use social media to extend its reach, offer unprecedented accessibility, deliver efficient customer service, and directly engage its current and prospective customers in genuine and responsive dialogue.
Leading post-acquisition communications
This major bank recognized that strong communication and addressing cultural issues was critical to successful integrations - fostering employee engagement, retaining high-performers, and reducing the time to integrate processes and technologies.
Overcoming silos through online collaboration
Real cooperation and collaboration between functions of this professional services required more than knowledge and even financial rewards. It required relationships - where employees knew and understood their colleagues working in other areas of the business.
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