Opinions and commentary

My thoughts on the cultural, social, and technical dynamics of communications - and ruminations on living in the age of conversation.
Top trends in writing: Lessons from the world of graphic design
If what causes aesthetic values to evolve over time also impacts linguistic values, writers might be able to learn from the world of graphic design.
Mom and Dad’s Rules of Change Management
An antidote to when theory and method get in the way of the human and emotional.
My Consulting Commandments
I've seen a lot of expensive consultant work go unused. Here are some do's and don'ts I practice, gathered from years of hiring and working with consultants.
Too Many Words. Too Little Meaning.
What is the more primary form of communicating: speaking or writing? This loosely is the question that Derrida explores in Of Grammatology, his 1967 treatise that introduced the concept of deconstruction.
Some Rules for Collaboration
Are the crowds always "wise"? Or can collaboration sometimes be a recipe for mediocrity? There are ways to avoid the latter.
Communicating During a Downturn
Almost a decade ago, the great recession shook our communications worlds. We may soon need to remember the lessons we learned.
The Dance of Collaboration
Collaboration as a kind of “interbrain synchronization”, a “working together” that results in the generation of a rhythmic power.
The Communicators as Maestro
The organization is an orchestra of meaning. It's the job of communicators to ensure its instruments are in rhythm and harmony.
A Love Letter to I.T.
We do love you I.T. We depend on you. We need you. But sometimes you make it tough for us. If you could understand us a bit better, both of our lives would be better.
Websites and Supermarkets
I love food. I love preparing it. I love eating it. I love shopping for it. And I love my supermarket. So clean and pretty. So well organized.
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