The power of conversation
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Strategic communications services that help organizations engage their stakeholders, implement change, and preserve and protect their brands and reputations

Are you listening?

Messages broadcast to mass audiences. Brochures. Speeches. Letters. Memos. Urges. Pleadings. Demands. Directions. Decrees.

Engaging communications?

Or wishful admonitions tossed like paper airplanes from head office windows?

Organizations that are communicating effectively today are holding real dialogues with their stakeholders. They know what's on their minds. They’re telling stories. They’re listening. They’re utilizing the complete message system. They know that what they do speaks as loud as what they say. They’re speaking in one voice. They’re honouring the diversity and individuality of their audiences. They’re solving problems. They mean what they say.

They’re harnessing the power of conversation.

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An antidote to when theory and method get in the way of the human and emotional.

My Consulting Commandments

I've seen a lot of expensive consultant work go unused. Here are some do's and don'ts I practice, gathered from years of hiring and working with consultants.

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